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Email templates

Email templates are the sender, subject, and message used when sending files. The service can have an unlimited number of templates. After registering an account, one email template is created automatically.

Creating a template

To create an email template, you need to open " Emails " - " Email templates " and click the corresponding "Create Template" button. A new template will be created.

Sender for emails

In the "Sender" field, you can choose which sender to send the email from. An account can have one or more senders. The sender determines from whom the email is sent, the return address, and the appearance of the email. You can change the sender settings in email settings.

Email Subject

The email subject should clearly indicate what the recipient can expect inside the email. It's good to use the name of the organization or event in the subject.

Email Message

In the email message, you should describe what file is inside the email and why the email was sent. The message should include a broad description of the event, the file itself, and how to contact the email sender. You can indicate what to do if there is an error or typo in the file.

Using any variables from the file that will be attached, such as %name, can be used in the email text or subject field. If you're sending emails to more than 30 recipients, using a variable in the email text is a mandatory requirement for creating files. Using greetings in emails increases deliverability since each email contains unique text. Mail systems are less likely to send such emails to spam. In addition, recipients are more likely to open emails if they see their name in the first few lines. With the help of Word Form functions, you can automatically determine the recipient's gender and separate the first and last names.

The %image variable is used to insert a JPG image of the file into the email text. The actual file will be attached to the email at full quality, so recipients can download it to their devices.

Change Widget

Optionally, you can add a link to the change widget in the email. The widget itself can be on a separate website or just available through a link. If the file has an error, the recipient can follow the link from the email and independently fix the error and obtain the modified file. Learn more about the change widget.

Sending multiple files

If in the "Create Files" window, it is specified to send email after creating all files or if sending occurs manually from one or more folders and there are files with the same email address specified among the files, then these files will be sent in one email. When sending multiple files, there are several limitations:

  • The email size cannot exceed 10 MB. If the size exceeds 10 MB, the files will be sent in multiple emails.
  • Variables in the text will be replaced with text from the first file in order. For example, the %image variable will be inserted with the image from the first file, even though there may be multiple files attached to the email. The same applies to other variables and the link to the change widget.