DiMaker DiMaker В чём разница?

Getting started

Learn how to quickly create and send diplomas or certificates with personalized recipient information.

Step 1 — Create a document

Simply create a document in the desired format, upload your background, write text and insert variables. You can add as many variables as you need, which will be replaced with personalized data from your table.

Step 2 — Fill in the table

You can fill in the tables manually or copy data from your spreadsheet editor. If you have many rows, you can upload a CSV or XLS (Microsoft Excel) file, or upload from Google Sheets.

Step 3 — Get your files

Files are created in the background. You can create as many files at once as you need. After creating, you can download the files in a single archive or multi-page PDF document.

Step 4 — Send emails

For each file, you can assign an email address. After sending, you can view the delivery and read status of each email.

The email text, formatting and sender can be easily customized. You can connect your own domain for email delivery.