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Drive in DiMaker is a place to store all created files. Drive is a typical cloud file storage. However, files cannot be uploaded to Drive independently, they are saved there when creating files with personal data. In Drive, you can do almost everything that you can do in a typical cloud storage or with a physical drive, such as creating new folders, moving, deleting files and folders, searching for files.

The main features of Drive:

Selection panel and context menu

There are two ways to perform any actions with selected files or folders - through the context menu or selection panel.

To call the context menu, just select the necessary files or folders, and then right-click on them. The context menu with available actions will appear.

Fragment of the file's context menu

The same actions are available in the selection panel, which appears in the window header after selecting one or several items in Drive.

Selection panel. The number of selected items is indicated on the left.

Therefore, any action with selected items can be performed in two ways. If only the context menu is used, the selection panel can be hidden in interface settings.

Space in Drive

5GB of storage space is provided for free. Depending on the size of the files, this is somewhere between 1-5 thousand files. Then, unnecessary files can be deleted, or more space can be added to Drive. The size of documents and emails is not counted towards the Drive space.

Note! Files sent through mail are attached to the email, so deleting files will not affect downloading files from already sent emails. However, if a file is deleted from Drive, it will no longer be available in widgets and integrations.

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