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Payment and tariffs

At DiMaker, payment is only for usage. Payment is made for creating files, sending them by email, storing more than 5 GB, using Word Forms, and authenticating users when using widgets or integrations. There are no monthly subscriptions.


To use the service, you need to top up your balance with the necessary amount. Funds from the balance are debited upon usage. The unused amount remains on the balance and can be used at any time.

To top up the balance, you need to click on the "Replenish balance" button and specify the amount in the account currency. Depending on the currency of the account, different payment methods are available. After payment, a cash receipt will be sent to the account email. No payment details are stored in DiMaker. There are no repeat or regular payments.

An invoice can be issued on behalf of a legal entity (not available in all countries). To receive an invoice, select "Invoice" in the payment methods. Then you need to download or print the opened invoice.

After paying the invoice, the funds are credited to the balance within 3 business days. After replenishing the balance, you can download the Invoice in the "Payments" section of the billing. You can also request a signed digitally signed act through EDI from technical support.


Funds from the balance are debited at the moment of usage.

  • Creating files. Payment is made immediately after generating the file. If the file contains multiple sheets, payment is charged for each sheet.
  • Email distribution. Payment is made immediately after sending the email. Erroneous emails are charged at the same rate.
  • Word Forms. Payment is charged upon the first use of Word Forms within 24 hours. If Word Forms are not used within 24 hours, no payments are made.
  • Drive. The first 5 GB of storage is free. If you need to store more, you need to connect to 25, 50, or 100 GB. This can be done in the "Drive". Payment for the Drive's storage is charged every month, on the day of connection.
  • Authentication. Payment for authentication in widgets or integrations occurs when sending an email or making a call to a number.

Test period

After registration, 100 credits (points) are credited. For each action - debiting or sending by email, 1 credit is debited. After replenishing the account, the test credits are canceled, and payment for usage is debited from the main account according to the tariffs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to have a negative balance?

Technically, the balance can become negative, for example, if sending a large number of files depletes the funds on the balance below the number of emails queued for sending. In addition, it is possible to request technical support to allow going into negative balance and paying for services after use (available if there have been previous account top-ups).

How to get a report?

Currently, it is not possible to obtain a report of charges. In the "Drive", you can get a report on created files.

Does the remaining balance expire?

No. The balance amount can be used at any time.