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Change Widget

Provide recipients of your files with the ability to correct typos in personal data. The visitor will be prompted to make changes and then they will be able to download the updated file.

The widget allows you to limit the number and degree of changes to the data. It can be installed on any website or opened by link.

Adding a widget

To add the widget, go to " Widgets "- " Change widget" and add the widget by clicking the corresponding button. There can be an unlimited number of widgets in one account.

Widget Settings

  • Domain on which the widget will be placed. Only the domain should be specified. If you don't plan to embed the widget on a website, leave this field blank.
  • File Access. Restriction of access to files that will be available for editing. You can specify multiple folders or select all files in Drive. If the file is in a subfolder and the parent folder is specified in this field, it will also be available. The nesting level doesn't matter.
  • Allowed variables. The list of variables that a visitor can change. It should be specified in the same format as in the document. In the first field, you need to specify the variable, for example, %full_name, in the second - the title, for example, "Surname and Name," and in the third, help text (if necessary), which will be displayed under the field. Visitors will only have access to the variables from this list, provided that they are in the file itself. Email address - %email.
  • Number of Changes a visitor can make. For example, to prevent them from making multiple files for themselves and all their friends, you can specify a limit of one or two changes. The tariff rate will be charged for each creation of a modified file.
  • Allowed Degree of Change. It is possible to specify how much a visitor can change a variable. For example, allowing only a few letters to be changed (the slider to the left), or more (the slider to the right). The far left position allows only one letter to be changed. The far right position allows unlimited changes. If it is important for the visitor to only correct a typo and not completely change the data, you can set the degree of change either to the far right position (1 letter) or approximately to one-fifth (20%, i.e., four letters out of 20 characters can be changed from a string of 20).
  • Show download widget. If the widget is accessed without a file ID, i.e., the widget is opened from a site or the file from Drive has already been deleted, and the switch is turned on, the visitor will see the file download widget (it must be enabled and configured). If the switch is turned off, the visitor will see a message that the file cannot be edited.
  • Caption under the button displayed under the file update confirmation button.
  • Main color and text color. The widget can be personalized by specifying the color of the main elements and the text color of the main button.
  • Individual styles. CSS styles that will be applied to the widget elements for greater personalization.

Sending a file to yourself after creation

The file will be sent to the email of your account immediately after it is created. In the "Email Template" field, you can choose which template to use for sending. In the Email Templates section, you can create a separate template for sending emails to your email account. If you write the variable %data in the message text, all file data will be added in the form of a table in that place.

Inserting code

To display a widget on your site, you need to insert the code specified in the block in the right place on your site. The code should be inserted where the widget will actually be located. For example, it could be a separate page on the site with the widget changes.

Access by link

The widget can be opened by a link that needs to be sent to recipients. To do this, you need to allow the use of the widget by a link and copy it.

Inserting a link when sending by email

You can insert a link to the widget in the message text, through which the recipient can immediately change the file. To do this, write suitable text in the message text, for example, "If there is an error in the certificate text, you can change the data. Click here for that". Then, on the appropriate text, such as the word "here", add a link to the widget changes on your site, and at the end of the link, refer to the file ID, for example:
If there is a question mark in the widget link on the website, use "&" instead of "?".

Instead of =CREATER_UUID(), the identifier of the file will be substituted when sending. Therefore, a person can immediately change it by clicking on the link. If there are several files in one message, the link will be added to the first file. In this case, it is better to put a link to a widget for downloading a file with authorization by email and with the ability to edit files enabled.