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Adding, selecting, changing, copying, moving blocks

DiMaker uses a block editor for documents. This means that each element - text, image, QR code - represents a separate block that can be freely moved around the page and resized.

The following blocks can be added to the document:

  • Text block
  • List (bulleted, numbered, check)
  • Image
  • QR code
  • Link
  • Genuine label

Text block

This is the main block for text. You can write text or variables in it to insert personal data.

Text block


Three types of lists are supported - bulleted, numbered, and check. In essence, this is the same as a text block.


Individual images can be loaded into the document - such as logos, stamps, and signatures, for example. Files in JPG and PNG formats are supported. After uploading an image, its size and position on the sheet can be changed. The image itself can also be changed using a variable when creating files. Radius clipping is supported for images.

Block with an image

QR code

Insertion of a special code for scanning with mobile devices. Only URL links are supported. When inserting a QR code, you need to specify the URL that should be accessed when scanning the code. If a variable is specified in the field, the address can be set using a table.

Block with a QR code


For PDF files in which the text is separate from the background, it is possible to add a link. The link is a transparent block, clicking on which in the created PDF file will open a browser with the necessary link. The link itself can be specified both when adding this block and through a variable.

Block with a link

Genuine label

The genuine label ensures the authenticity of the certificate by adding a unique QR code to it. Scanning such a code will open a page of your site with information about the certificate - to whom it was issued, when, and for what. More information about the label can be found in this article.

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