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File Upload

In DiMaker, you can simply copy data from the source table. If this option does not suit or does not work, then the other way to transfer data is to upload a CSV or XLS file. The required table should be on the first sheet.

On the toolbar, click "Upload file."

"Upload file" button on the toolbar

Then - specify the file on your device. Only CSV and XLS formats are supported (the XLSX format is currently not supported). As a result, data from the first sheet of the file will be loaded into the table.

The next thing to do is to select which variable from the document corresponds to which column in the table. To do this, you need to select each necessary column, and on the toolbar or in the context menu - "Select variable."

Selecting a variable after file upload

After selecting the variable, this column will be available for editing and use in ready-made files.

Other ways to import data