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Download Widget

Give your customers the ability to download their certificates after entering personal information.

After entering personal information, such as email address or name, the visitor will gain access to relevant files from the Drive. If there are multiple files, the visitor can download them as a single archive or PDF file.

The widget can be installed on any website or accessed via a link.

Adding the Widget

To add the widget, open " Widgets " - Download Widget" and add the widget by clicking the corresponding button. There is no limit to the number of widgets that can be added in one account.

Widget Configuration

  • Domain on which the widget will be hosted. Only the domain should be specified. If embedding the widget in a website is not planned, this field can be left empty.
  • Widget Title. Text displayed in the widget title. By default, it is "Get the document", but it can be replaced with another, such as "Download the certificate", according to the documents being accessed.
  • Subheading displayed immediately below the title. Tips or recommendations for using the widget.
  • Button Label below the personal data input fields. Clicking the button will open files based on the entered personal information.
  • Waiting Message. If the file is still being prepared, a "Please wait" message will be displayed, along with the text specified in this field.
  • File Access. Restrict access to the files that will be available through the widget. Multiple folders can be specified, or all files in the Drive can be selected. If a file is in a subfolder and the parent folder is specified in this field, it will also be accessible. The nesting level does not matter.
  • Add File Editing Button. This toggle adds an edit button (in the shape of a pencil) next to each file available for download.

    For editing to work, the edit widget needs to be activated and configured. If a file is not available for editing (for example, if the number of edits has been exceeded or specific folders for editing have been defined in the edit widget and the file is in a different folder), the button will not be displayed.

    This feature can be useful if there are typos in the files. Your recipients can edit typos in the files themselves.

  • Offer to Download Multiple Files as One Archive. If multiple files are found that match the entered personal information, the visitor will be prompted to download them as a single archive or PDF file.
  • Add "Share with Friends" Block. Buttons will be added below the search results in the widget to share a link to your site with friends. The cover of the publication will be the first file from the search results.
  • Main Color and Text Color. Customize the widget by specifying the color of main elements and the text color of the main button.
  • Custom Styles. CSS styles that will be applied to widget elements for further personalization.

Input Fields

  • Variable. The variable whose data will be checked, for example, %name. Specify it exactly as it appears in your documents. Email address - %email.
  • Accuracy. The accuracy of checking the variable. Options - "exact match" (the entire string is checked), "first word" (only the first word must match), "any word" (any word must match), and "last 4 characters" (only the last 4 characters are checked).
  • Ignore Characters. Characters specified in this string will be ignored during the check. Separate with a comma (;). For example, if you want to ignore spaces and periods, specify  ;.
  • Variable Name. Text that will be displayed directly in the input field, for example, "Last Name First Name" or "Email Address".
  • Help Text. Text that will be displayed below the input field. Can contain hints on the format for entering data.

Input Fields 2

You can display only one field (e.g. Name or email address), or you can display two for greater confidentiality.

Code for Website

To display the widget on the website, insert the code provided in the block into the appropriate place on the site. Insert the code where the widget will be directly displayed. This could be, for example, a separate page on the site for widget reception.

Access via Link

The widget can be opened via a link, which needs to be shared with the recipients. To enable this, allow the widget to be used via a link and copy it.

Embedding Link in Email Distribution

In the email text, you can include a link to the widget, through which the recipient can download one or all files. If editing files is allowed, they can also modify the data if necessary.

To do this, in the email text, write the necessary text, for example, "To view all your certificates click here". Then, on the specified text, for example the word "here", add a link to the widget on your site, and at the end of the link, reference the variables from the widget, for example
where "variable" is the variable specified as the first and second variables, for example %name. Email address - %email. If there is only one variable in the widget, you should only refer to the first one. If there is already a question mark in the widget link, when referring to variables, use & instead of ?.

For example, if the widget has one field %email, and the widget itself is located on the site https://test.com/form/, then the link should look like this: https://test.com/form/?p1=%email

When sending out, the personal data from the file will be inserted instead of the variables. Therefore, by clicking the link, the person will immediately see their files.

Widget modification

If you need to modify the widget "on the fly", that is, change certain settings depending on what page is open on the site, you can use a modifier table. This is convenient if you need to install several widgets on the site or quickly change the email template, color scheme, or even a document without creating a new separate widget. Learn more.